Ladies and Gentlemen!

herewith we want to thank the Allies and the creators of the German Constitutional Law (Replacement of the Constitution) for their farsightedness and intelligent legal orientation.

With regard to the SHAEF and SMAD laws, as well as the GG (Basic Constitutional Law).

The Allies enacted the following laws. They have so-called eternal validity and are eventually valid for people all over the world.
Thus, governments spurning international law are NAZI governments and shall be denazified by these laws.

It followed and has been valid since that time:

SMAD order n° 2 para. 5 (in force since 10/06/1945)

SHAEF Allied Control Council law n° 1 (in force since 20/09/1945)

Basic Constitutional Law (GG) (in force since 23/05/1949)

Based on this actual situation we apply the Basic Constitutional Law and its articles ("tools") and want to advise each Identity Card Holder with "citizenship" GERMAN to do so. Since this CITIZENSHIP is legally the NAZI affiliation dating back to 05/02/1934 (Beginning of the falsification).

It followed and has been valid since that time:

GG 139

GG 146 (constitutional mandate)

GG 116/2 Acceptance of the natural citizenship. According to (original) § 1 RuStaG of 22/07/ 1913

In the case of GG 116/1 the BGB § 119 can be of assistance (voidability due to error).

Kind regards

  Schloß Holte on 13/07/2015